Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Horse Feathers

Here's a live video of Horse Feathers, a Portland-based band, at NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. For whatever reason, watching this video made me think about Oregon. Made me think about the forests and moss and beaches and rain. I grew up there and moved away when I was 10 to Texas with my family. I feel like no matter where I go, Oregon is what feels like home. This video is long...but very pretty.


Grace said...

Oh, this is just what I needed! Love them, love this! And I can totally relate- I always think of the Pacific Northwest when I listen to Horse Feathers.

Lizzie said...


Being a native PNW-er, that just recently moved back after residing in Texas for 2.5 years, I just don't see how you could still be there! lol

The Northwest has such a strong pull, that my husband and I just couldn't resist coming back home to our motherland..

What part of Texas are you in? We were in San Antonio.


Priscilla said...

Thanks for the comment, Grace. I love watching this video in the morning while I drink coffee...it makes my day.

Lizzie.. I lived in San Antonio too!! Small world. I lived there until 5 years ago. Now I'm in Washington DC because of my husband's job. You're so lucky to be back there...I'm glad you didn't get stuck in SA. After living in the Pacific Northwest it's almost impossible to be content living anywhere else. We have a couple more years here and then we're heading back to Portland. Can't wait!


Lizzie said...

Haha weird!
Well, atleast you are in a better place now...DC isn't horrible, much better than SA for sure!

Happy for you that you will get to be back home in a couple years :D