Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alice Neel

I love Alice Neel's portraits. They are fairly simple, almost child-like, but with an underlining sadness, giving a human quality to each subject. Neel herself lived a life marked by tragedy and heartache. Neel's first child died before her first birthday. Her second daughter was taken away to live with her husband and his family after their separation. Shortly after he left, Alice Neel suffered a nervous breakdown and was in and out of mental institutions. Despite her personal trials, Alice Neel was a leader in the early feminist movement and became a celebrated artist.

I am thinking about getting some of Alice Neel's art prints
framed and hanging them in a collage. Kind of like this picture.

"The minute I sat in front of a canvas I was happy. Because it
was a world, and I could do what I liked with it." -Alice Neel