Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Showers

I know it's Tuesday afternoon and this is coming a bit late, but I had the most lovely Easter. Sad in some respects, as we had to say goodbye to some close friends who were moving, but in true Walker-Frost fashion we still had a lot of fun running around taking pictures.
My honey and I decided to take a country drive and we ended the afternoon in the historic downtown of Frederick, MD. It's always the perfect town to find yourself unexpectedly after a long day. On the drive home, I, unfortunately, drank too much coffee (a pastime of mine) and began spazzing out at my husband, terrified that every car on the road was somehow out to kill us and he was unaware of this. After I calmed down, we started driving through a really, beautiful lighting storm...and Band of Horses was playing on the radio...it can't get much better.

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