Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On my shelves....

Since we remodeled our kitchen and installed glass-paned cabinets, I am in a hurry to clear out my chipped and embarrassing, hand-me-down dinnerware for a brand, spanking-new set. If I had an endless pocketbook, I could go dish crazy, I mean can a girl really have too many pretty dishes? But since spending every last penny on renovations, my wish list has to be a little more affordable.

A little cabinet inspiration...

Here's my ever-expanding wish list:

David Stark plates & bowls

Painter's Stripe Mug & Squat Stripes Mug

Loomed Bowls

Recycled Bedside Water Carafe

Glass Pouring Pitcher

Too spendy for me, but oh so pretty:

Elephant Ceramics offer hand-made, truly one-of-a-kind pieces...they are currently sold out but should be restocking soon.

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