Friday, December 2, 2011

Etsy Friday

Here's some pretty things from Etsy this week. They really have some amazing handmade gift ideas. Well, running out the door...or more like into the shower then out the door, and onto Pennsylvania for a thrifting adventure this weekend with my best pal! xo

Sources: 1. Icelandic farmhouse photograph Carol Fletcher; 2. E.T. movie poster Claudia Varosio; 3. Leaf necklace Silent Roses; 4. Photograph of Scotland Pruginko; 5. Vintage director's chair AM Radio; 6. Navajo bag Hoakon Helga; 7. Kilim pillow Sukan; 8. Aqua nesting bowls Suite One Studios; 9. Embroidered necklace Mamma Earth Creations

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