Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Fumiko Toda

Here are some beautiful paintings I came across by mixed-media artist Fumiko Toda . I love her color palette and subject choices...

 "I have been painting insects since I was a girl in rural Japan. Bugs, snakes, flies, butterflies and countless other tiny fauna are both my subject and medium. I celebrate their existence in vibrant paintings and prints, and also use them as a tool to express a sense of loneliness and isolation that I carry from childhood.

I had no sense of who I was growing up in Japan - the society is so uniform and I was pushed to behave a certain way and never felt like I knew myself. I regularly escaped to a nearby pond, where I would entertain myself for hours, observing and picking up bugs and other wildlife. I enjoyed being in this new situation; it gave me a sense of myself and an understanding that the world was larger than just me."
-Fumiko Toda

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Marylinn Kelly said...

Priscilla, I just saw an insect painting by Fumiko on FB, Googled her and found your post. And an even more glorious insect painting. Thank you. I don't know if Blogger will send you notice of a comment for this. I am frequently surprised when the Stats show a number of readers in a day, or week, for a vintage post. Surprised and happy. Glad to have found you. xo