Friday, December 9, 2011

Best of...Olive Trees

All of this D.C. rain and cold has made me wish for a little sunshine.When I'm stuck indoors throughout the winter, there's nothing cozier than being surrounded by plants and trees. I've been loving indoor olive trees lately, with their ornamental leaves and graceful branches. They are evergreen trees and require a lot of sun, but they really brighten up a room, don't you think?


Nancy said...

hi! just found you through you overdyed rug DIY! we were about to embark on an overdye ourselves and then ffigured we had better do some research! anyways - happy to find out you are local! we're in the dc area too :) looking forward to following your journies!

Anonymous said...

I love olive trees - they look so gorgeous. I always struggle to keep any plants alive inside my house though!

On a side note, I found your blog as a link for an overdyed rug tutorial and would love to read it. Is it still online? xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)